Sample making (Is it worth it ?)

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

One of the most important and a key element in the garment industry is garment sampling.

As the word indicates ,it is the first pre-production process that a buyer must do. As we say

the sample protects the production. We can aquire much information from the sampling process. Not only a buyer is sure that the manufacturer can deliver the production but also

the manufacturer can calculate estimates of yarn consumption for the developement of the buyer's product as well as other important data. The sampling includes details like a product code , color specifications, the right kind of fabric that should be used , the composition of the fabric (this is also very important) , description, quantity, and details of embroidery, buttons, zippers, or any other sort of accessories used. We like to say that a sample is the common language that a buyer and a manufacturer must speak in order to succeed!

Oh , and yes it is worth it !

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